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          Our Firm's Philosophy



        Our philosophy is to try and get involved with our clients and their cases early on, at the felony screening level. That is the best time to negotiate with prosecutors. It is easier to convince them not to file a case than it is to drop a case after it has been filed. It is also easier to reduce a charge at this stage, than to reduce a charge once it has been filed in the system. However, when time is of the essence, we will put our forces behind you, hitting the ground running… in your defense.
And, because our expertise is in criminal law, we are able to guide each client throughout the legal process and offer them a well-informed, vigorous defense every step of the way. Another reason why we work with clients early in the process is because it helps ease their minds. They may think their life is over, and we want to help them understand... that is not the case.

     We handle a variety of state felony and federal cases that include people charged with theft, Medicare fraud, drug possession, trafficking and vehicular homicide, among others. Because we focus our practice exclusively in Miami-Dade County, we have developed strong working relationships with local judges, prosecutors and administrative staff.

     An arrest can be an overwhelmingly emotional experience. You may feel helpless, think life as you know it has changed forever, and have no idea what you should do next. That is why you should look to us. We will help guide you through the entire process. With our years of experience in criminal law and vast knowledge of the Miami-Dade County state and federal court systems, we can help you achieve the best outcome possible.


“When we get involved in criminal cases from the very beginning, we’ve been able to persuade many prosecutors not to file charges.”



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